It’s Good 2 Talk Counsellors

Psychological therapies available in It’s Good 2 Talk are provided by professionals who hold suitable qualifications in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychological fields including: Ordinary Degree, Honours Degree, Masters Degree and Doctorate from institutes recognised by the National Framework of Qualifications in Ireland.

Our organisation is governed by a Board of Directors to ensure highest standards of professional care is provided at all times. Services are provided by fully affiliated and professionally accredited APCP, IACP, NAPCP, IAHIP ACI, BACP and APPI Counsellors, jointly with qualified pre-accredited Counsellors/Psychotherapists who are currently working towards professional accreditation together with trainees studying towards Bachelor of Arts/Science Honours Degree and Masters Degree levels in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

All service providers abide by Codes of Ethics in Counselling and Psychotherapy and are supervised by Accredited Supervisors.  Our aim, is to provide access to affordable Counselling and Psychotherapy for the community with counsellors and therapists delivering this Service in a professional manner and at all times abide by Ethical Frameworks for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy, of or recognised by nationally recognised professional accrediting bodies.
Currently our personnel numbers are 32 including:

6 Supervisors, 9 Accredited Counsellor’s, 8 Pre-Accredited Volunteer Counsellor’s, 1 centre administrator who assists with the day to day running and management of the center.